About Jennifer


I love teaching music! I grew up playing piano, singing, and performing in speech arts. In Grade 12, I began teaching piano. I studied music at the University of Alberta while pursuing my Bachelor of Commerce and received my Grade Nine (IX) Piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music. After my first child, I trained in Kindermusik and continued teaching piano. In 2017, after adding two more children to my family 😊,  I took the opportunity to certify in Music for Young Children. Most recently, I completed the Ultimate Music Theory Teacher Certificate.  I love all genres of music, from grunge rock to classical. My goal is for my students to enjoy music in their lives and share it with their family and friends! 


  About My Studio

Beginners typically start with group lessons in the Music for Young Children (MYC) program. These parent-participation classes include keyboard skills, singing, music theory, music history, and ensemble playing. After completing the MYC program, students are well prepared to study another instrument or continue with individual lessons. You can learn more about MYC here.

Individual lessons are based on the student's goals and interests. Repertoire is chosen from method books best suited to the student, and balanced with popular songs and instruction in keyboard harmony and music theory. Examinations are primarily conducted through Conservatory Canada.

We have regular recitals as well as opportunities for master classes and Oilsands Rotary Music FestivalStudents are guided to progress at their own pace, with support and encouragement from their peers and parents.